What to Expect During Your Ottawa Emergency Vet Visit

When you arrive and check in at the desk your pet will immediately be triaged by one of our registered technicians, and brought to the attention of the attending veterinarian.

Depending on the severity of the emergency, your pet may be taken straight back to the treatment room for stabilization, or you will both be brought into an exam room for assessment. If the emergency is not life-threatening, you may be asked to wait in the waiting room until the veterinarian has dealt with more critical patients.

Once your pet has been assessed by the veterinarian, you will be provided with an explanation of your pet’s condition, a treatment plan (including any tests recommended), and a complete quote for the care.

At this point you will be given the opportunity to discuss the plans with the veterinarian, and once you have agreed upon a course of action, you will be asked to leave a deposit of 75% of your projected expenses. As your pet is treated, every attempt will be made to contact you and discuss changes to the treatment plan and the cost of these changes.

Your pet may be admitted for further care, at which point you may be advised to return home. In some cases the veterinarian may ask you to remain pending test results that may change the course of action. Our waiting room is well equipped with refreshments, children’s toys, WI-FI, and television.

During your visit with us, you will be frequently updated on the wait time and the status of your pet.

If your pet has been admitted for the night for treatment, you will need to pick them up before 8:00 a.m. for discharge or for transfer back to your regular veterinarian. If your pet is in over the weekend, you will transfer back to your veterinarian Monday morning.

Your regular veterinarian will be notified the next morning of your visit, and full records, including digital X-rays, will be instantly available to them.